Breastfeeding Mom’s Need All the Support They Can Get

And your insurance may help pay for part or all of a breast pump!

My own breastfeeding saga covered nearly every experience including the good, the bad and the ugly (breast infections) over a reproductive cycle that produced four now grown gentlemen.

My first son’s birth was what was considered traditional at the time, pump the mother full of narcotics, “prep” her, complimentary spinal and then ordered to push. The idea of natural birth was happening, just not in that hospital. My little baby was bottle fed even though it was my intention to nurse. We only lasted a few weeks with no La Leche League, and no women around me who had breastfeeding experience, I felt I had no other choice but to turn to formula and bottles . Fast forward 5 years later.

Sons two and three were breastfed with the support of local¬†La Leche League¬†chapter, although baby number two’s first few months were difficult with repeated breast infections. With the support of other nursing mothers I was able to continue until they were ready to “detach”.

And then came my last son. Now I was a working mom determined to breastfeed and pump, and I did, for several months until we introduced beginning food and a sippy cup. I continued nursing for his comfort (and probably mine).

So when I talk about pumping, nursing bras, leaking, etc., it comes from experience, and it also comes from wanting to help your experience be successful, healthy and fulfilling.

A few tips for success when breastfeeding

  • Drink A LOT of water. At least 8 cups a day.
  • Sleep when you can or nap, or whatever you want to call it. Rest!
  • Take your supplements. You need calcium, iron, folate and vitamin D. Ask your physician.
  • Carve out little windows for you.

I know I know, this too shall pass! And all too quickly. This first year, those first months fly by in a haze of joy and sleep deprivation. In the meantime, I be that little baby head smells so good. I LOVE how my babies smelled, and well, every single thing about them. They were after all, correction, “are” my babies.